Toby Schneier (left) and Bat-Sheva R. Waitman

Golda Shows
She Knows
Her Nose


HEN Golda opened on Broadway, Golda Meir went backstage to meet the star who was portraying her life in the play.

Golda sat at one end of the dressing room; Anne Bancroft at the other end.

Golda stared at Bancroft’s stage makeup. The resemblance was uncanny.

The actress started picking off the makeup from her jowls and from a nose that was sculpted to enormous proportions.

“That’s fantastic,” Golda remarked. “Show me how I can do that with mine.”

Toby and Rabbi Marc Schneier

Golda’s grandniece, Alice Golembo, related the story at the inaugural luncheon of the Golda Meir Club of Israel Bonds Greater New York Women’s Division at the Russian Tea Room. Bat-Sheva R. Waitman is chairman.

Named in memory of the late prime minister of Israel (1898-1978), the Golda Meir Club is an honor society of women who make an annual investment of $5,000 or more in State of Israel Bonds.

Toby Schneier, the effervescent rebbetzin of the Hamptons, whose husband, Marc Schneier, is the founding rabbi of the Hampton Synagogue, was guest of honor.

An accomplished painter, Mrs. Schneier serves on the boards of the March of the Living and of the American Friends of Nishmat, the Jerusalem Center for Advanced Jewish Study for Women. She has been honored for her service and support by Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women.

Tovah Feldshuh (left) and Alice Golembo

Rabbi and Mrs. Schneier are the proud parents of Sloane and Brendan.

Guest speaker Fredy Zach, a retired Israeli general, said the current unrest is not a demonstration or riot.

“This is a war of attrition. This is gunfire between soldiers.”

As the head of an organization that manages joint projects with Arabs, Zach said he knows the Arab people.

“I know we will ultimately have peace. What we must do with the Arabs is encourage democratization, create jobs, change the education curriculum, and talk to other people besides Arafat.”


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