Stars Shine at Beverly Hilton
At Talent Recognition Fete

By Polly Van Raalte

HERE’S no business like show business and there’s no place like Hollywood to showcase talent. The third annual Hollywood Film Awards presented by Hollywood Video at the Beverly Hilton did not disappoint. Carlos de Abreu and his gorgeous wife Janice Pennington are the founders of the event.

Legendary writer Neil Simon presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to the great Jack Lemmon. Loved that purple tie, Neil. Jack couldn’t stop thanking everyone for his award.

Martin Landau, sporting a “Millionaire Tie, told me Regis Philbin didn’t send it.

I told Patrick Swayze how much I missed his Gotham restaurant, Mulholland Drive. He said many have told him that. He’s still trying to produce a movie with wife Lisa. The theme? Dance, of course.

The fashionistas were out – Maria Conchita-Alonso sported two shades of green, one on her silk dress and the other on her boa. Wow!

Who can forget The Rifleman? A very grown-up Johnny Crawford was there leading the band.

James Caan copped an award for Outstanding Achievement in Acting. He worried he was getting old. Is that why people had to give him this award? Lynn Redgrave, lovely in a shade of gray (or was it silver?) came to support Jimmy.

Jon Voight presented an award for directing to John Schlesinger. Producer Irwin Winkler also got an award. Johnny Grant, honorary mayor of Hollywood, got an award for community service.

Olympic gold medallist diver Greg Louganis wore an incredibly colorful tie that could end up at the Museum of Modern Art.

Congratulations to Jerry Goldsmith for getting an award for outstanding achievement in music, and Jane Jenkins and Janet Hirshenson for casting awards.


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