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No. 14

August 14, 2000

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Didn’t Finish School
But Gets Education Award

By Tim Boxer

FTER Donald M. Landis introduced honoree Eugene M. Grant at the 25th anniversary dinner of the American Friends of the Open University of Israel, Grant responded: “This introduction is so overwhelming and effusive, I stand in awe of myself.”

Held at the Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center, the event honored Grant for his charitable work within the real estate world. He is also active in the cultural affairs of New York, serving on the real estate council of Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Ernest Michel (left) and
Eugene Grant

Richard Hirsch and
Elaine Bedell

Leon Levy (from left), Eugene Grant
and Malcolm Thomson

Ingeborg Rennert with Irwin Hochberg (left)
and Donald Landis

Irwin Hochberg who, with Ingeborg Rennert, serves as event co-chair, said, “Anytime he wants, Eugene Grant devotes himself to the arts. He even has a piano in his office.”

As a former general chairman of UJA/Federation of New York, Grant told of an occasion he was at the podium of a fund-raiser. A man raised his hand and pledged $10,000.

“I cannot accept your pledge,” Grant said.

“Why not?” the man demanded.

“Three years ago you pledged $10,000 and we had to take you to court to collect.”

“That’s okay. I’m pledging $10,000 plus court costs.”

The second honoree was Ernest W. Michel. Here was a man who was kicked out of school due to Nazi policy in his native Germany, and came to the U.S. after surviving 11 forced labor camps. In 1947 he joined the staff of United Jewish Appeal, became its executive director in 1970 and served until he retired in 1989.

It was amazing, he said, that with only a seventh grade education he was able to lead the greatest Jewish organization in the country.

And here he was, receiving the Max Rowe Educational Leadership Award from Hochberg. Only in America!


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