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Cybex SwitchView

SwitchView Switch Box Saves Serious Space

By Patrick Benzaleski

hen our fearless leader (let's just call him Tim for now) informed me that he had obtained some computer related products that he would like me to review for the 15MM Products page, I said to myself, "Great. Like I don't have ENOUGH junk in my office and on my desk." Well, I have to say he definitely got off on the right foot with the first item he presented to me; Cybex ( SwitchView was an answer from the heavens.

This desk used to have another monitor,
keyboard and mouse (do you believe it all
actually fit?). Now I just have to figure out
where I'm going to put all the stuff
SwitchView made obsolete. 

Being a Computer Professional (at least that's what I call myself), you can imagine I have a lot of computer goodies in my office. Including, but not limited to, multiple PCs, monitors, keyboards, mice (not the furry kind), etc. At my main workstation I have two PCs on a 43-1/4" wide desk with an 11-3/4" appendage that a laptop sits on. Add a keyboard and mouse for each PC and two monitors (not to mention the piles of papers) and I don't even have enough room for my cup of coffee. SwitchView frees up enough space so that I can have my entire breakfast at my desk!

As the packaging indicates, SwitchView allows you to, "Connect and control up to 4 PCs or file servers with a single keyboard, monitor and mouse..." Extremely easy to set up, this small (8" across) device takes up minimal space on your desktop and does not require a power source. SwitchView works with PC/AT and PS/2 systems, or %100 compatible machines with support for VGA and SVGA video. On the unit is an LED indicator letting you know which computer is online. 

Cybex SwitchView
Unit 10040 (4 ports, w/two cables)
$249.00 retail price
(additional cables are $29.00 ea.)

Cybex Computer Products Corp.
4991 Corporate Dr.
Huntsville, Alabama 35805 USA
Tel: 800.932.9239
Fax: 256.430.4030

Like it says on the website, SwitchView is good for, "Home Offices, Multicomputer Offices, Software Developers, Help Desks, Computer Test Technicians, Presentation Professionals, Network Administrators, Data Centers, Anyone with more than one computer or server." If you fall under any of these categories, I suggest picking one up.


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