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Bobby Kennedy and Abe

“Kennedy is America’s royal family. Camelot is nobility. Your magazine should cover the Kennedy legacy, and also royalty all over the world – England, Spain, and so on. This is a niche no other publication has claimed.”

Hirschfeld reports that Kennedy loved it. “He wanted me to work with him in redirecting the magazine.”

Hirschfeld said he was thrilled to be invited to join in the enterprise as he considers himself royalty, too.

As a Levite, Hirschfeld traces his royal lineage 3,300 years back to Moses and the tribe of Levi. The descendants of the house of Levi served in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, assisting the Kohens, the descendants of Aaron, in the sacrificial duties before the Ark of the Covenant.

Hirschfeld has been a longtime admirer of the Kennedy family. Indeed, a photo taken with Ted Kennedy bears the legend: “To my good friend Abe, a good supporter of all the Kennedy brothers.”

Abe and Zipora

Hirschfeld first met Robert Kennedy on the golf course. “We always talked,” Hirschfeld said.

“Then I left for Israel. When I came back, I had urgent calls from Bobby. I called him back. He was very busy, but he took me on his private plane to Buffalo. The state convention of the New York Democratic Party was in session.

“The state treasurer, Lou Beck, was resigning. The vacancy had to be filled immediately. Bobby gets up and starts to talk about me, praising me, and saying I’m the right candidate for the position.


Mrs. Robert F. Kennedy
Hyannis Port
October 23, 1992

Dear Abe:

Thanks so much for being a part of the golf Tournament. You parred the course without even taking a swing.

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I remember that Bobby was captivated by you from the start, meeting you for the first time in the unlikely surroundings of a golf course.

To him you epitomized the diversity, strength and vitality that is America.

He loved that you were smart, funny and always there for him.

He found you frank with your advice, giving of your time and thoughtful about the future of our nation.

Like Bobby, you are devoted to your family, loyal to your friends and committed to your country.

I will always remember what you meant to Bobby and appreciate what you’ve done for his memorial and me.

With love,

“They elected me treasurer of the Democratic Party in New York state. They didn’t know it, but I was a registered Republican!

“Next day I changed to Democrat.”

Hirschfeld says that in six months he was able to resuscitate the party. The party went on to win the gubernatorial slot with Mario Cuomo and the U.S. Senate seat with Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Hirschfeld claims a warm close relationship with Bobby Kennedy. “He was my mentor,” Hirschfeld says.

Four months before he was assassinated, Bobby posed with Abe for a photo. Hirschfeld’s wife Zipora said, “Why didn’t you have Bobby autograph the picture?” So he brought it back. Kennedy told him to leave it and he’ll sign it and mail it back.

“I came home,” Hirschfeld relates, “and told Zipora that Bobby was extremely busy but assured me that he’ll autograph it and send it back. Zipora was highly skeptical – didn’t think Bobby would take the trouble to do it.

“In 1993, some 25 years after he was gunned down, the picture finally arrived in the mail. Apparently he did sign it, but never got around to mailing it. Someone found it among his papers and sent it on to me.

“I told Zipora that Bobby had kept his word.”


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