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Sina and Joey Gallo celebrate their vows
Sina and Joey Gallo celebrate their vows
Marta Orbach, Joey and Sina, and David Steinberg
Marta Orbach, Joey and Sina, and David Steinberg
Crazy Joe Ties The Knot,
Mafia Foe Rubs Him Out

HIS year marks the 40th anniversary of Brooklyn mobster Joey Gallo’s nuptials in Chelsea and subsequent assassination in Little Italy.

As assistant to the New York Post celebrity columnist Earl Wilson, I was the only media person invited to chronicle and photograph the Mafia mobster’s private wedding on March 16, 1972, at legendary actor Jerry Orbach’s West Side townhouse.

The charismatic wiseguy Joey Gallo married a classic Italian beauty, 30-year-old divorcee Sina Essary, a dental assistant originally from Akron, Ohio. The intimate wedding party included Sina’s 10-year-old actress daughter Lisa; Jerry’s wife Marta Curro; Viking Press president Tom Guinzberg; publicist David Powers (who had alerted me to the event); comedian David Steinberg as Joey’s best man; and the Reverend William Glenesk of the Village Presbyterian Church who married Tiny Tim on the Johnny Carson Show.

Jerry Orbach had met Joey when Jerry played a character similar to Joey in the movie, The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight. Marta was writing a book for Viking Press about the gangland figure’s colorful life.

My exclusive story and images of the wedding ran in the next day’s New York Post.

Three weeks later, on April 7, Earl wished Joey a happy 43rd birthday at the Copacabana (where Don Rickles was on stage) and left for his office atop the Broadway Theater to finish his column for the next edition. At 4 a.m. Joey and his bride and entourage, ravenous for breakfast, piled into his Cadillac and made their way to Umberto’s Clam House in Little Italy.

As the group settled in captain’s chairs and joyously dug into their scungilli, shrimp and pasta on the butcher block tables, the side door opened to let in three triggermen—the widow later insisted five—who immediately opened fire.

The fusillade struck Joey in front of his shocked bride, horrified stepdaughter, startled sister and surprised bodyguard. The mortally wounded Joey lurched out the front door and collapsed in a pool of warm blood on the chilly pavement, a block east of police headquarters.

The newspapers screamed the sensational story, with my singular photos of Crazy Joe and his bride splashed on the front page of all three major dailies: New York Post, The New York Times and Daily News.

As a photographer, I hit a grand slam! (But at what cost!)

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Zalmen Mlotek
Zalmen Mlotek
Dudu Fisher
Dudu Fisher
Yiddish Keeps Him Calm

declared, "Yiddish has been one of the great, great gifts in my life." He delighted the annual gala of the National Jewish Theatre/Folksbiene in June at Town Hall in New York. "I’m a very nervous human being," he added. "I spend money on therapy and medicine. Nothing helps. I run through the Yiddish theatre in my mind and that calms me down."

The Tony and Emmy award winning actor announced the creation of an international festival of Jewish performing arts. This will be a biannual Kulturfest to begin in 2015 to mark the 100th year of Folksbiene, the longest continually producing Yiddish theatre company in the world and one of only four international Yiddish theatre companies in operation today.

Patinkin said Joseph Papp, founder of the Public Theater and promoter of free Shakespeare in the park, taught him Yiddish. He came to Mandy’s apartment for a Shabbat meal and brought some Yiddish songs. "You’ve got to learn these," Joe said, for a Yivo benefit. Since then Mandy has included songs in mamaloshen [the mother tongue, i.e., Yiddish] all over the world. "My most popular concerts are the ones in mamaloshen," he said.

Jeff Wiesenfeld, Folksbiene chairman, honored three individuals for their support of Yiddish: Neil Sedaka, Chana Mlotek and Dr. H. Jay Wisnicki.

Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel thanked Chana Mlotek, who celebrated her 90th birthday on April 9, for being such a dedicated Yiddish song anthologist, noting that "gratitude is a Jewish value." The planned Kulturfest will be named for Ms. Mlotek, whose sons are Zalmen, artistic director of the Folksbiene, and Mark, the president.

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CSI IN ISRAELCSI IN ISRAEL Stars of the CBS series CSI booked into the luxury beachfront Dan Tel Aviv hotel in May for a four-day visit, part of the Ministry of Tourism’s initiative to promote travel to Israel. From left are Omar Benson Miller and Jonathan Togo of CSI: Miami, hotel general manager Etai Eliaz, Alan John Buckley and Carmine Giovinazzo CSI: NY.

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YAD VASHEMYAD VASHEM Carmine Giovinazzo, A.J. Buckley, Jonathan Togo, and Omar Benson Miller from CSI: NY and CSI: Miami, together with Vanessa Marcil (left, Carmine’s wife) and Abigail Marie Ochse (right, Buckley’s friend) toured Yad Vashem, the Holocaust history museum in Jerusalem, for two hours.

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Mitt Romney and wife Anne arrive at the King DavidBRUCHIM HABA’IM Mitt Romney and wife Anne arrive at the King David, the flagship of the Dan Hotels Israel, during their July trip to Jerusalem. General manager Haim Shkedi welcomed the couple as Mr. Romney mingled freely around the hotel, greeting guests and shaking hands.

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Marvin HamlischMENSCH FOR ALL SEASONS  Composer Marvin Hamlisch, who died on August 6, 2012, won 12 awards in his Broadway and Hollywood career. He earned four Grammys for his achievements in 1974, which included Best New Artist of the Year and Song of the Year (The Way We Were). He told me of his love for his Vienna-born mother, Lilly, describing her as “a killer cook.” Mike Douglas asked him to bring her on his talk show to demonstrate her culinary skills. Lilly went from her home in New York to the TV studio in Philadelphia, schlepping her own pots and pans. “Tell me,” the host asked, “who’s your favorite composer?” Without batting an eyelash she said, “George Gershwin.”

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