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Harvey and Connie Krueger with Ido Aharoni
Harvey and Connie Krueger with Ido Aharoni
Arnon Zuckerman and Adi Nes
Arnon Zuckerman and Adi Nes
Arnon Zuckerman and Adi Nes
Ilan Kaufthal and Arnon Zuckerman

Laura Murlender
Laura Murlender

The Perils of Introducing
Israelís Consul General

HE consul general of Israel says his name, Ido Aharoni, continues to give him grief. Some people tend to mispronounce it. Sometimes they say Ida. "I can live with that," he says.

However a woman at a Long Island event once welcomed him as " Ido a Horny," and that wasnít flattering.

At the annual dinner of Friends of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design at Trump Soho in New York, chairman Ilan Kaufthal introduced the consul general flawlessly, and that made him happy.

Kaufthal reported that Bezalel has outgrown its old Jerusalem campus on Mount Scopus. The building will be sold to iCare4Autism, International Center for Autism Research and Education. Bezalel, with 2,000 students and a faculty of 400, will relocate to the Russian Compound.

"We will rejuvenate downtown Jerusalem with a new school that will be completed in three years," Kaufthal said. "The sale of the old building, plus government grants, will bring us $55 million."

That was welcome news to Adi Nes, a 1992 graduate of the schoolís photography department, financial advisor Harvey Krueger, iCare4Autism president Joshua Weinstein, Bezalel president Arnon Zuckerman, and Laura Murlender, an Argentine artist who graduated from the Bezalel fine arts department and now works in New York.

Aharoni lauded Bezalel as the first educational institution in Palestine when it was founded in 1906.

"When we think of security," he said, "we think of military might. Thatís a mistake. Thereís a new narrative we have to tellóthe degree of creativity and innovation that exists in Israel.

"Thatís a great story that Israel has to tell, which is about the creative spirit of our people. No institution represents this better than Bezalel."




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