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Marge and Gower Champion
Marge and Gower Champion
A Moment Ago
You Never Know
Whom Youll Meet
Across The Street

, the prominent public relations maven, says his favorite eating place in New York is the restaurant across from his office, La Bonne Soupe, at 48 West 55th Street.

Hes met many interesting people there as the tables are close and conversation flows easily. Among the celebrities he met or brought to La Bonne Soupe include Walter Cronkite, Celeste Holm, Soupy Sales, Ken Burns, Werner (Col. Klink) Klemperer and Rona Jaffe.

The other night he sat next to a lady who looked familiar and was talking about a show she was going to see at City Center.

It turned out that this petite lady was Marge Champion, the better half of the famous dance team Marge and Gower Champion. She now lives at Manhattan Plaza, the large apartment complex on the west side off 42nd Street that attracts show people.

At 92, Marge loves going to the theater and has the energy to toddle around New York, the best city in the world to retire to.

Bernie Ilson is the author of Sundays with Sullivan: How the Ed Sullivan Show Brought Elvis, the Beatles and Culture to America and How David Made the Darkness Disappear.


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Davy Jones, lead singer of The Monkees,
died of a heart attack February 29 at age 66,
in Indiantown, Florida,
where he lived.
I Remember Davy Jones

 FIRST met Davy Jones when I was the public relations director for Ed Sullivan and the Ed Sullivan Show.  Davy was in the Broadway play Oliver, the musical based on Charles Dickenss Oliver Twist.  Davy was cast as the Artful Dodger, a singing role.  It was 1964 and I believe he was only 18 years old.  Ed Sullivan often presented scenes from current Broadway shows on his weekly television variety program along with the comics, the plate-spinners, the ballet dancers and Topo Gigio.

Bernie Ilson
Bernie Ilson
Sullivan presented the Beatles to the American television public for the first time on February 9, 1964.

I later met Davy Jones when I did the publicity for his TV series, The Monkees.

Of the four young actors starring as The Monkees, only Davy Jones had a real strong singing voice.  The others were Peter Tork, Mike Nesmith and Mickey Dolenz. The series ran only from September 1966 to March 1968, but did win two Emmys in 1967 for Best Comedy series and Best Direction. 

The Monkees was basically assembled in the editing room where it was pieced together as a fast-moving, slapstick comedy in the mode of the Beatles feature films.

Davy told me that he hoped The Monkees would lead to a series of his own on television, but it never did.

Although The Monkees was short-lived on TV, Davy and the group continued to make it pay off with concert dates, recordings and night club appearances for forty years.

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