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ODAK EASYSHARE DIGITAL CAMERAS are what they say they are: connect to your computer and press the Kodak Share button app to effortlessly upload pictures to social sites such as Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, an email address and, of course, Kodak Gallery.

The M575 is one of the better ones in the Kodak EasyShare line. It has 14MP, 5X optical zoom and 28mm wide angle lens, 3-inch LCD and HD video capture.

KODAK EASYSHARE M575You focus and the camera uses its Smart Capture feature to analyze the scene and store the image flawlessly.

It first came out last spring tagged with an MSRP of $179.95. It is now available for $99.95 at www.Kodak.com. Now thatís a bargain.

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Kobo eReaderReading On The Go With Kobo

OBO eREADER is one of the best wireless ereaders you will find. The minute you pick it up, youíll feel the rubbery quilted back which makes it so comfortable to hold in the hand.

It comes preloaded with 100 classic books. With an SD memory card you can increase your load up to 1,000 books, which youíll download through your computer.

Thereís no Internet connectivity, but if all you want to do is read, then who cares? This device is easy on the eyes, and lets you enjoy reading for two whole weeks (or 10,000 page turns) before you have to recharge with a USB cable, which is included.

Itís such a handy device, only 7.2 inches high and 4.7 inches wide, that you can hold it in one hand.

Youíll read one page at a time, unlike the iPad which is big enough to see two pages at a time. But thatís just the point. You donít want to hold onto the iPad with both hands. With a Kobo, youíll enjoy reading as you hold it in one hand and turn the pages with the other.

Iím very satisfied with the Kobo eReader, and the price is just $139.99 at Borders. More information at www.koboereader.com.

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TECH HOME PHONE SYSTEM is a robust digital answering system thatís essential for the small business, home business or residence. The LS6375-3 is the best of the line. It provides hands-free communication with a IS6100 cordless headset, when youíre cooking over a hot stove or typing away on the computer and need to answer the phoneóhands free!

You can wear the headset over the ear or over the head. Your choice for best comfort. And the range is up to 50 feet. Very good.

With a couple of extra handsets, you push a button and instantly communicate with others in different rooms around the house. With this push-to-talk capability you donít need to shout to your spouse through the wall or from one floor to the next. How good is that?

I agree with VTech senior vice president Matt Ramage who maintains that "landline phones are the best choice when youíre looking to have quality conversations," that is, no dropped calls or fadeouts.

The VTech LS6375-3 all-in-one cordless communications system with digital answering, two handset speakerphones, and a cordless headset is MSRP $99.95 at www.vtechphones.com and Best Buy.

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The Best of Toy Fair

HE 108th AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL TOY FAIR in February at New Yorkís Javits Center was packed with countless awesome new products that will amaze children (and their parents). Our Junior P.E.T. has to wait a decade before heís allowed on the floor to see the toys he wants to review (children under 18 are prohibited from the exhibition), so the senior member of our Product Evaluation Team (otherwise known as grandpa) represented Johnathan and made relevant selections for him. Weíll be bringing you news and views of marvelous products throughout the year, each endorsed with the 15 Minutes Magazine P.E.T. Seal of Approval.

GLIDE BIKE is the biggest winner for the 15 Minutes Product Evaluation Team. The glider is the best way for kids to learn. Minus training wheels and pedals, the Glide Bike easily helps a child to learn how to balance. There are three models: Ezee Glider for ages 2-4, for $100; Mini Glider for ages 2-5, for $110; and Go Glider for ages 5-10, for $130. The seat is adjustable for the right height, from 17.5 inches to 23 inches. Comes with rear brake mounted on the handle bar, a steel kickstand, 16-inch durable foam tires, and rubber coated aluminum feet pegs.

See more at glidebikes.com.

LITTLE HOUSE SORTERLITTLE HOUSE SORTER is one of the items of the Dandelion earth-friendly goods produced by Re-Think It, based in Winter Park, Fla. Dandelion is the eco division of this family owned company. They offer greener choices for the planet and its kids. The Dandelion brand uses organic cotton, bamboo velour and corn fiber stuffing in recycled packagingóall to reduce the environmental impact on the world. Little House Sorter is part of a line of Pink for Baby Girls, which includes organic rattles and teethers. A portion of Dandelion profits is donated to organizations engaged in breast cancer research. Available for $39.99 at www.dandelionforbaby.com.

GLOWCRAZY DISTANCE DOODLER GLOWCRAZY DISTANCE DOODLER guarantees much fun, especially in the dark. Hang up the jumbo wall cling and your child will surprise you as he unleashes his inner Picasso or Warhol by painting on the wall with the magic light wand to create a GlowCrazy light show. Nice touch: You can remove the cling from your wall without damage or sticky residue. $24.95.

SCRUBLE CUBESCRUBLE CUBE is a catchy game for everyone over 8 years who can spell. Play solo or compete with three others. Keep score as everyone takes turns to twist and turn the rows and columns to rearrange the letters and form new words. Each of the 96 letters has a point value which adds to your score. Use the included sand timer to set the time each one gets to create a word. Game retails for $24.95 at Barnes & Noble and FAO Schwartz. See more at www.scrublecube.com.

SimonMINIMUS of Newbury Park, Calif., carries thousands of travel-size items to keep you and your kids occupied on those long trips. From the toys and games aisle they offer Phase 10 rummy type card game at $6.69; Simon, an electronic memory game of lights and sounds on a mini carabiner, $9.98; Blink, a lightning fast card game in a travel tin by Mattel, $5.49; Sequence, a card game with pegs on corresponding space on the game board, in a compact travel case, $9.69; Operation, a Hasbro game with mini carabiner, which can drive you to distraction as you play the role of surgeon, $7.60. Order at www.minimus.biz.

WISE ALECWISE ALEC is the brainchild of Reisa Schwartzman, a former educator in Vancouver. It figures. It takes the brains of a teacher to create Griddly Games Inc. and create compelling family trivia games including this one with "a witty twist." Roll the dice, land on a square, pick up the relevant colored card and answer the question for points. There are four decks of cards in categories of science, history, spelling and Wise Alec. The fun accelerates when you land a Wise Alec card. One card worth four points asks you to name five things beginning with "s" that you can wear on your feet. Timeís up; letís go to the next one. For five points repeat five times: Which wristwatches are Swiss wristwatches. You lose points if your card says, Oops! You forgot to recycle. Play the game for laughs, but youíll also learn positive lifestyle habits. Funtastic game! MSRP $26 at Amazon.com.

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