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Jesse Eisenberg of The Social Network
Jesse Eisenberg of The Social Network

Nancy and Sue Spielberg with their mother, Leah Adler
Nancy and Sue Spielberg with their mother, Leah Adler
Jesse Eisenberg with Leah Adler and daughter Nancy Spielberg
Jesse Eisenberg with Leah Adler and daughter Nancy Spielberg
Connie and Harvey and Krueger
Connie and Harvey and Krueger
Whoopi Pledges To Do Better
To Help Stricken Children

, a star on ABCís The View, confessed that she hadnít been "as participatory as I should have been" with Chabadís Children of Chernobyl (CCOC) mission to rescue children from Russia and Ukraine stricken by the nuclear explosion of 1986. She hadnít been heard from since she served as guest auctioneer at a 1996 CCOC dinner.

That didnít inhibit the group from presenting her with its Children at Heart Award at its fundraiser in November at Chelsea Pier 60 in New York.

"I will do better next time," Whoopi promised. "It doesnít mean thereíll be a check coming," she added.

She congratulated Robert Land, jetBlueís senior vice president of government affairs, for accepting an award for the airline for its support of CCOC auctions for several years.

"Iím a Virgin girl," Whoopi asserted. "Iím glad thereís competition. I will some day get on jetBlue ó but I expect to be fed!"

Harvey Krueger, former vice chairman of Lehman Brothers and now vice chairman of Barclays Capital, was presented with the Humanitarian Award.

He too admitted heíd never been involved with Children of Chernobyl. But now that he learned how the organization saved 27,000 young lives in the past 20 years by bringing them to Israel for medical treatment and education, heís a changed man.

"I came here a stranger but I will not leave as a stranger," he said. "There will be a check in the mail."

Jesse Eisenberg, who portrayed Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, revealed that his family originated in Ukraine. "At that time Ukraine was in Poland, then Russia, maybe even Kenya. Who knows?"

He said he recently visited a cousin, Maria, in Poland.

"She wants her family in America to think of her, to remember her, to Skype her occasionally," Jesse said. "Similarly we should remember and help the Chernobyl children."

Jon Voight, whoís been emceeing the dinner every year, was a no-show this time. He had a good excuse though ó heís filming in Alaska.

WABC-TV sportscaster Bruce Beck filled in eminently. While handing out the awards he allowed as how he grew up in Livingston, N.J., and had a bar mitzvah without having learned Hebrew. "I memorized my haftorah," he explained. He chanted a phrase or two, to the delight of the 600 guests.

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