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IdeaPad Swings Two Ways

enovo IdeaPad S10-3t is a nice little package, ready to take on the popular iPad. Lenovoís convertible network tablet is packed with up to 2GB memory and up to 320GB hard disk drive.

It has an integrated web camera. The external DVD drive is optional. A4-cell battery provides 4 hours of activity (not enough); an 8-cell battery gives you 8 hours of life (more like it). It comes equipped with a USB 2.0, a 6-in-1 card reader, and 2 stereo speakers with Dolby Headphone surround sound.

Lenovo IdeaPadWhat I found neat is the way you swivel the 10.1-inch backlight display and lay it flat so itís transformed from a netbook to a beautiful touch-screen tablet, like an iPad.

Whatís great about this little machine is the keyboard. Small, but the keys are big enough for your fingers to hit. Itís a comfortable fit for your mitt.

You have two ways to make a password for your computer. You can use VeriFace, which takes a digital snapshot of your face. Or opt for VeriTouch to create a password with your fingertip. I like that.

The IdeaPadís smooth ultra-slim design allows you to carry it easily anywhere you go. Priced at $489.95 at B&H in New York City. Look for necessary goods at www.lenovo.com/consumer_accessories.

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Magic WandVuPoint Portable Scanner

OU can effortlessly scan documents, newspaper articles, pages from a book, or pictures with the portable lightweight Magic Wand, a slim digital scanner from VuPoint.

Scan, organize and archive important legal and financial papers, recipes, and other personal items on a microSD card up to 32GB (not included). Itís powered by two AA batteries (included).

Weighing in at about 7.5 ounces, this little gadget fits in your pocket, perfect for going to and from the office, or anyone on the go. Take it with you when you travel.

It has a built in time and date function, automatic white balance, and a status LCD display. When not in use it powers off in about 3 minutes. Priced at $99 at www.amazon.com.

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Pisa TankMagellanís Travel Basics

EFORE you venture out in the world you must have a catalogue from Magellanís. Call 1.880.962.4943 or visit www.magellans.com. There are so many things you donít know you need until you see them in the catalogue. POW, you gotta have Ďem!

Pisa Tank, a Magellanís own design, adds flair to sweaters and blazers, even jeans. It has a secret security pocket hidden in the hem to carry your cash unseen. Avbailable in Off White, Black or Purple. $39.50.

Around the World Knit PantAround the World Knit Pant, another Magellanís design for women, is made of a blend of cotton, wrinkle-resistant polyester and stretch spandex. Youíll look cool with its flattering cross-body waistband and side splits at the ankles. Itís perfect for long flights and bus tours. Available in Heather Gray or Black. Petite $57.50, Womenís $62.50.

Privo SparklerPrivo Sparkler is a shoe with the look of flats but with athletic support, contoured fit and a footbed that massages your feet. With the Velcro closure you can maneuver out of these shoes quickly at airport security. Available in Black or Pewter at $75.

SmartWool SocksSmartWool Socks are perfect for hikes in the hills or a stroll on the avenue. Made of a wool/nylon/elastic blend with padded heel, toe and footbed, theyíll keep your feet comfortable in all temperature ranges. Available in Taupe or Gray at $16.85.


WalkStool is a travel seat that youíll find handy in any situation, whether waiting in a long line or watching a game on the field. Two adjustable sizes give you different heights. Includes a travel pouch. WalkStool 18 holds up to 440 pounds, $79. WalkStool 22 holds up to 495 pounds, $89.


Menís Smart Design ShirtMenís Smart Design Shirt, a Magellanís exclusive, is stain repellant and quick drying. Features roll-up sleeves with button tab, back cape venting, zippered cellphone holder, and mesh lining. The Velcro flap over the hidden pocket pulls down to reveal an organizer panel with ID window, mesh change pocket, passport pouch, and pen holder ó a wallet in your pocket! Very handy indeed Available in Khaki or Black at $75.50.

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Mirror for PhotosMust Haves

Mirror for Photos is a stylish little gadget that automatically backs up all your photos swiftly and safely. What a neat idea from Memorex! You donít have to be tech savvy. You donít have to open settings or navigate menus. Each time you connect the device to your computer by USB, its built-in software immediately backs up your images. Available in three sizes: 320GB for $79.99, 500GB for $99.99, and 640GB for $119.99. More information at www.memorex.com.

Mi3602 PurePlay Portable SpeakerMi3602 PurePlay Portable Speaker is a gorgeous Memorex product, sleek and slim and portable. Fold it in your bag and carry it out to the porch or the beach. It powers and charges your iPhone and iPod in the dock, while delivering nice stereo sound. You supply the four AAA batteries and itís good to go. $69.99

Imationís Link Wireless A/V Extender frees you from wrestling with tangled cords and cables to project Internet TV, movies, photos and games from your notebook, PC or Mac to your television. Using wireless USB connectivity, you transfer data faster than traditional WiFi sand without WiFi interference. Great for enjoying your photos on a larger screen. And great for screening videos from YouTube and Hulu. Simple to install. No drivers to download; theyíre included on the USB transmitter. Available at Amazon.com at MSRP $149.99.

Energizer Solar FlashlightEnergizer Solar Flashlight means youíre never in the dark. Its amorphous silicon panel recharges even when the sun is just breaking or just setting. Five hours of full sun will yield 2 hours of run time. At night crank it up for one minute and to get 4 minutes of run time. No batteries ever to replace. When youíre on the go, use its handy clip to attach it to your backpack or any bag or travel gear. $24.95

Spot 12 LED Magnifier Spot 12 LED Magnifier from Franklin Electronic is ideal to help prevent eye strain as you try to make out the small print. The light adjustment switch gives you three types of light for different lighting situations. Aluminum construction; two AA batteries included. $44.99

VIOlight Phone SanitizerVIOlight Phone Sanitizer is a product you didnít know you need. But in view of the fact that your cellphone is home to more germs than reside on doorknobs and toilet seats, you better protect yourself with this bacteria terminator. In less than five minutes you can have your flat cellphone (not the flip variety), Bluetooth headsets, PDAs and earbuds germ-free. The company assures that the germicidal UV light kills strep, e.coli, salmonella, listeria and the H1N1 virus. Available for $49.99 at Brookstone, Hammacher Schlemmer, and Cellphone.violight.com.

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Aurora Huggy BearThe Best of Toy Fair

Aurora Huggy Bear is so huggable youíll want two, one for your child and one for yourself. Itís comforting and pleasing to the touch. They come in three sizes: small at $5, medium at $10, and large at $20. Pictures if the large 22-inch model 50215.

Radio-Controlled RattlesnakeRadio-Controlled Rattlesnake from the Natural History Museum of London is modeled after the eastern diamondback rattlesnake, the largest and most dangerous snake in North America. So you can imagine the reaction youíll get as this two-and-a-half-foot long scaly critter slithers, rattles, flicks its tongue and turns with S-shaped serpentine precision at your command. The controller requires one 9V battery; the snake takes four AAA batteries (not included). Recommended for children above five years of age. $39.99.

Arranging Game Corner to Corner

Arranging Game Corner to Corner
is made in Germany by Haba, the pre-eminent toy maker. The 62 tiles in this Tetris-like set can be moved around by talented little fingers to make vertical or horizontal arrangements. Form a cube, lay them flat and make a square, or get bold and make cityscapes. Provides hours of pleasant fun for kids from ages 3 and up. $33.

Domino Zippy Scooters

Domino Zippy Scooters is a Haba creation to delight children from 2 years and up. This car placing game is fun for 2-4 kids; a variation of the game allows for a solo player. You gotta be fast to place all 21 wooden tiles in order to win. $30.


E-Z Bat will get your young ones up and active as they earn a homerun with every swing at the ball. Itís a great way to introduce your kids into the world of baseball. E-Z BatSwing that bat and watch the ball fly across the lawn. Or pitch the ball to the kid and watch him hit a homerun every time. Itís a neat item for ages 2-7 from Monkey Business Sports. $15.99.

TimeBuddyTimeBuddy is a time management toy for children 3 years and up. Prepare them for life by providing them with skills that will guide them throughout life. It looks like a round clock with one red handle that points to various activities that cues the child at the proper time: rise and shine, meet the school bus, return home, do home work, dinner hour, watch television, take a shower, brush your teeth, bedtime. Reusable stickers are included tom customize your TimeBuddy to your childís personal routine. Three AA batteries included. Learn more at www.timebuddy.com. Helping your child master the concept of time costs $34.99 at www.amazon.com.

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