No. 8

March 20, 2000

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Marjorie Gubelman and
Barbara Eden
Photo by Tim Boxer

Barbara Eden and Benjamin Cohen launch CyberGenie
Photo by Tim Boxer

Belly dancers celebrate CyberGenie in Arabian Nights style
Photo by Tim Boxer

NYPD Police Commissioner Howard Safir and wife Carol
Photo by Tim Boxer

Barbara Eden tries out CyberGenie with Terry Baker

Photo by Patrick McMullan

Mats Perrson finds himself the center of beauty with Miss USA and Barbara Eden
Photo by Patrick McMullan

TV Genie Barbara Eden Debuts CyberGenie Telephony


By Tim Boxer

HE WALDORF-ASTORIA’s Starlight Roof was transformed into a virtual Arabian Nights fantasy with belly dancers roaming the room while Barbara Eden, who starred as a genie in NBC’s ‘60s series, I Dream of Jeannie, presented an innovation in cellular phones.

Barbara introduced Benjamin Cohen, president and CEO of International Business Solutions, who launched the latest cutting-edge technology in advanced telephone communications, called CyberGenie.

This new PC cordless phone system plugs into your personal computer. Because of its multi-line, multi-user expandability, CyberGenie acts like your personal assistant to handle calls, voice mail, faxes, and email. All you have to do is speak to it. Amazing!

This is one assistant that will never tell you it can’t come to work today because grandma died (again).

CyberGenie is available at International Business Solutions (based at the Waldorf, by the way). Terry Baker, Cygnion vice president worldwide of sales and marketing, was quite pleased with the throng that turned out for the party, as was Mats Perrson, CEO of Cygnion. Party co-hosts H.R.H. the Prince Michel of Yugoslavia, socialite Marjorie Gubelman along with Cohen and Baker were all beaming at the vast turnout for CyberGenie.

New York Police Commissioner Howard Safir was amused by the Arabian Nights entertainment as he and wife Carol watched the suggestive undulations of the bare bellies of the Oriental dancers.

Safir told me this would be his last year as head of NYPD.

“Absolutely under no circumstances will I stay on with Mark Green,” he declared. As public advocate, Mark Green is next in line to ascend to Gracie Mansion when Mayor Rudy Giuliani vacates to become U.S. Senator.

A loyal trooper to the end, Safir will leave when Rudy leaves after two terms as mayor.

Don’t expect Safir to follow Rudy to Washington. “I’m definitely not going to Washington,” he said. “I will go into the private sector.”

The Arabian Nights theme of the launch party extended to the beneficiary of the evening, the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. Cygnion made magical wishes come true for three youngsters whose dream to visit Disneyland will be fulfilled.

“The foundation makes wishes come true for children with life threatening diseases,” said 15-year-old Lauren of Syosset, Long Island.  “Three years ago I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease. I won the battle. My wish was to go to Disneyland. The Make-A-Wish people were fantastic. All Make-A-Wish children have been touched by an angel.”

The angel who made tonight’s wishes come true – Benjamin Cohen – was happy that he could make such a difference in children’s lives.

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