Common Cause
By Tim Boxer

TIPPER GORE, the vice president’s wife, praised the Israel Bonds women’s division, saying that the purchase of such bonds is “one of the most tangible ways that Americans can show out unwavering support for Israel.

So she added her voice in support of “a cause we all share.”

Yes, but was she one of the buyers of $2 million worth of Israel Bonds?

No matter, her very presence thrilled the 500 ladies that lunched at the New York Hilton.

Among the bond purchasers were honorees Thelma Adler of West Nyack, N.Y.; Mimi Hirsch of West Orange, N.J.; Miriam Levine of Bayonne, N.J.; Blossom Zivin of Rockaway, N.J.; Carmela Kalmanson of Beechhurst, N.Y.; Helga Luden of New Rochelle, N.Y.; Shirley Taishoff Salzman of Jamaica, N.Y.; and Barbara Arfa, Zara Eliash and Charlotte Fainblatt, all of Manhattan.

The Second Lady talked about a visit to Israel that she will never forget. It was in spring of last year when she went with her husband to celebrate the state’s 50th anniversary with 12,000 people in a Jerusalem stadium.

“Al told them of his joy of having ‘the honor and the challenge of putting into words to the people of Israel the bottomless reservoir of love and respect felt for them by the people of America.’ And we heard that love roared back. That was a joyous mission.”



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