Miss Universe 1999

Mayor Ron Huldai and Aya Azrielant

Mayor Ron Huldai (left), Daphne Barak
and Howard Rubenstein

Mayor Ron Huldai Brings Out The Beauty Of Tel Aviv
By Tim Boxer


ILLARY RODHAM CLINTON had no time to appear at the Puck Building where she was expected to accept the Children of Tel Aviv Award from the Tel Aviv Foundation. Apparently she was too taken with celebrating her 52nd birthday in Midtown.

She wasn’t particularly missed.

The charming Tel Aviv mayor, Ron Huldai, attracted enough beauty to make one overlook the absence of the First Lady.

There was the ultimate beauty of the last year of the century, Miss Universe 1999. The stunning Mpule Kwelagobe, of Botswana, introduced a video showing the good works the foundation accomplishes in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, including parks, health care facilities, senior centers and children’s playgrounds.

“Our children,” the beauty queen declared, “is the most important resource in the world - and they suffer the most.”

There were also such gorgeous women as jewelry designer Aya Azrielant, a prominent supporter of the arts; pop singing sensation Paula Abdul; Janice Levin, who was honored this evening for her donation of the Janice and Philip Levin Center for Youth in Jaffa; the globe-trotting journalist Daphne Barak who co-chaired the benefit with PR ace Howard Rubenstein; Diana Riklis, who’s husband Ira was dinner chair; Reut Ashkenazi, a beautiful 16-year-old from South Tel Aviv, and Jeannette Ibrahim, a dazzling 14-year-old Christian Arab from Jaffa, both members of the Notzar Theater Troupe; and of course my own gem, Nina (there - I just saved my marriage).


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