George Harrison
Photo by Tim Boxer

Working for the Beatles

WHEN IT COMES to publicity, the Beatles will come together. They'll reunite in August for a public performance for the first time in 30 years. They'll do one of their biggest hits, Yellow Submarine, on live TV aboard a sub in Mersey river in their hometown of Liverpool. It's all to publicize their animated 1968 film, Yellow Submarine, which will be released in a new version.

Believe it or not  there was a time when working for the Beatles was a precarious job.

There was a chance you might not get paid.

Steve Harris did the marketing and promotion for the moptop quartet before they hit the colonies from the mother country.

"I can't afford you," said manager Brian Epstein.

"Don't worry," Harris said. "I'll send you a bill each week. When you become big in the United States, take care of the bills then."

He did.


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